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Free Cinematic Production Music “Under Fire”

Free Cinematic Production Music from Free Stock Music“Under Fire” is reminiscent of Rob Dougan’s “Furious Angels” song from The Matrix. They both leverage the brooding sounds of heavy bass tones and drum n’ bass style breakbeats to offset and dramatize a simple string melody.

There’s nothing incredibly fancy or groundbreaking in this song, but it manages to be both cinematic and modern at the same time without dating itself.

“Under Fire” is perfect for action sequences, tense scenes, or any video that wants to seem edgy without sacrificing musical integrity.

Under Fire Production Music Full Song Preview

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Track Details

Duration: 1:51
Quality: Full uncompressed CD quality, 16 bit/48.000 kHz (1,411.2 kbit/s)
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  1. good one this track!!

  2. I Love this track its perfect thank you soo much!!!

  3. Micheline Clawson

    I love the free music. Thanks so much!

  4. Thank you for the track. It is perfect!

  5. really great tune for higher pace segments of your documentary! like when someone is gearing up for action or making good progress creating something! Wonerful. Many thanks to you guys.

  6. Good stuff….Thanks again

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