Free Cinematic Production Music “Betrayed”

Free Cinematic Production Music from Free Stock MusicThe surprise that comes from an act of betrayal is borne out of the betrayers self-awareness — “How could you do this?!”

And this type of treachery is inherently cinematic in nature.

“Betrayed” is another Thomas Newman inspired piece of dramatic music composed with intense visual imagery in mind. The understated mystery and intrique of the xylophone pushes the song forward while strings act as an accomplice to the uneasy sound.

While this song may disappoint some because it never builds into a bombastic tune, it will please others who like their music to nudge, not shove, the audience.

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Duration: 2:09
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  1. InnerSanctum Games says:

    Brilliant track. Simple and thought provoking.

  2. Moragn says:

    It does a really good job for what it’s suppose to do. You get the complete sorrow of the betrayal, but then there’s the pulsing, driving force too, making me think this betrayal happened in the midst of something else, something really important, and our hero has to push past the hurt and finish the job…not matter how many tears he’ll secretly shed later once he’s alone and his team can’t see him cry.
    lol. I’m so dramatic! ;P

  3. dalton says:

    Who is this by? Great piece by the way!

  4. corey smith says:

    I’ve signed up but everytime I try to download an MP3 it tells me I’m not a member.

  5. MattF15 says:

    This production music is really awesome! Thanks for posting!

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