Free Epic Cinematic Stock Music “Heroic Struggle”

Free Cinematic Production Music from Free Stock MusicThe most memorable movie scores in recent times have been those of epic scale — from the Hollywood blockbusters that feature good vs. evil, hero vs. villain, and end with a climactic final scene of epic proportions.

“Heroic Struggle” is the kind of song you might hear in one of these films. It’s a fusion of traditional orchestra with drum elements reminiscent of hip-hop beats. The result is a mix that is entirely dramatic, cinematic, and modern at the same time.

Heroic Struggle Production Music Full Song Preview

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Duration: 4:24
Quality: Full uncompressed CD quality, 16 bit/48.000 kHz (1,411.2 kbit/s)
License: 100% royalty free license that allows you to use the music in all types of productions, for worldwide distribution, forever. There are never any licensing fees. Read our license agreement here.

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  1. freeman says:

    I m developing an Android free game with a donation button in it.

    Can I use this song in my game ? What do I have to do next ? \
    Must add an ad to this great website in my game ?

  2. cinefeel says:

    Thanks for this! :) Just to be sure… Can I use this music for commercial purposes ?
    Thanks again!

  3. BlueDiamonds says:

    What a great piece of music. Thanks, Free Stock Music.

  4. sweet says:

    what an great musical piece! so appropriate with the video i’m making. thank you so much … :-)

  5. antoniojack says:

    very nice one, the bass is good

  6. Jason Gibbs says:

    Thank you doesn’t seem enough to say. Found the site today for my son and he is over the moon with the results.
    Thanks again

  7. Lalit Vohra says:

    Nicely composed. Who is the composer. I would like to include his name in my production. If he is reading Thanks

  8. SteelQueen says:

    It’s amazing!
    Who is the composer? Why don’t tracks have their composers’ names anywhere?

  9. Jy says:

    Epic! I love you guys

  10. Darp says:

    Wow, very impressed!
    Who wrote it?

  11. Ely Guillen says:


  12. Moragn says:

    Absolutely fantastic. :) Just love it. This is great. It sounds like music for a real film, not just stuff that other stock music sites might carry. This sounds like (and so is) real film music. Amazing. You guys are my go-to for music when I can’t write it myself. AMAZING :)

  13. spirosparas says:

    very nice piece

  14. Ely Guillen says:

    Excellent! Thanks!

  15. Elias says:

    great job; perfect bgm for my trailer!!

  16. Joshua Luce says:

    I have discovered something. If you are using Internet Explorer, hit Save as .WAV, then when the download prompt pops up, you hit save as…then you hit the file type drop down menu and hit “All files” then under the file name you can put whatever the song title is and then put “.m4a” and it will save it as an m4a file and work normally. AMAZING!

  17. Dee says:

    This is just great, I want to shoot something just to use this, EXCELLENT work to whomever the composer is.

  18. Kayne says:

    Wonderful, as always! Thank you, FreeStockMusic — we could NOT have made our film without you!

  19. Megaost says:

    Another excellent piece. I am eagerly looking forward to next week’s cinematic tune. Would it be possible to post a tutorial on your web-site telling about major instruments (+ corresponding musical tidbits) deployed in silver screen soundtracks? This will be greatly helpful for aspiring cineastes. Thanks!

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