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  1. Maurice says:

    All your tracks are great. So much variety and quality. Take a bow while I find some suitable martial music to play at the same time.

  2. Eric says:

    I like your site and the tracks but your site states:
    “check out the newest free music below”
    This (and other files) are old tracks (featured before)…

  3. Ray says:

    Awesome Site! Very nice quality music! I will be telling people I know about this site!!!!!

  4. Vita says:

    Great Stuff. I found everywhere on the internet but yours was the best option and that too for free. I hope you guys are making money from somewhere or you may have plans for the future.

  5. Nipon Lomwong says:

    Love you Free Stock Music
    Thank you very much

  6. park hun says:


  7. Ely Guillen says:

    Super! I Love it!

  8. Tushar Shendre says:

    nice work friend….. God bless you

  9. Phantom says:

    Great songs for presentations and small videos for promotions! Excelent work guys! God bless you!

  10. LyricsGirl says:

    Corporate music.. A totally fresh collection that does not sound like the many ‘canned’ varieties out there. Not only are they good..they’re FREE!! Go spread the word..
    Thanks guys for some awesome royalty free music. Beats me having to take the time to come up with some great scores!

  11. wpifilmes says:

    Thank you very much ! I will be studying it for using during certain moments while shooting videos.
    Awesome ! Best regards !

  12. worldbeat99 says:

    This is a nice track. I like chill electronica, upbeat, clean.

  13. kelawar says:

    Thank a whole lot, guys!!!! Cheers!!!

  14. vmerpaw says:

    Fantastic! Great range of styles and moods. I’ll spread the word about Free Stock Music to all I know. Thanks for the downloads.

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