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  1. kyletat says:

    It’s good to have such background soundtrack for my small video.

  2. taerim says:

    thank you ^-^

  3. Hi, thanks for making such superb music. i would like to use this music on my video which will be posted on youtube

  4. HansE says:

    I am looking for some music for my new Youtube video and the quality of these recordings is awesome. Thank you! Ofcourse I will mention freestockmusic in the credits.

  5. I am a media student and this site is a God send, some terrific tracks all royalty free!!

  6. SHYAMAL MITRA says:

    so sweet music

  7. Linnaea Mallette says:

    I have been using your music for many, many of my “words of wisdom” WOW videos on youtube. Thank you.

  8. Wady Galfskiy says:

    I have used this track in a small 2D animation project,
    thank you so much.

  9. kdhernan says:

    lo que necesitaba ;)

  10. juanma_porta says:

    Buen clip musical.

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