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Free Electronic/Electronica/Techno Production Music from Free Stock MusicFor a song named after speeds of Mach 5 (five times that of sound), “Hypersonic” is paced slower than most of our other electronic offerings.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t worthwhile. The slower rhythm results in a more focused beat around synth pads and bass guitar grooves.

Plus, hypersonic is also defined as sound frequencies above a thousand million hertz — well out of human hearing range, so perhaps the rest of the song escapes us!

Hypersonic Production Music Full Song Preview

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Track Details

Duration: 3:34
Quality: Full uncompressed CD quality, 16 bit/48.000 kHz (1,411.2 kbit/s)
License: 100% royalty free license that allows you to use the music in all types of productions, for worldwide distribution, forever. There are never any licensing fees. Read our license agreement here.

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  1. TedYates says:

    First time user. I get a message that says “Your download will begin momentarily” but it doesn’t. What’s the trick here?

    • FB_Jan_Lynn says:

      Hi. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, the way downloads occur has changed. There will be a “down arrow” in the upper right corner of your browser. That shows you what you have downloaded. But, regardless which browser you use, go check your computer folder where your downloads normally get placed. The files should be sitting here. In my case, they go to my C drive and into a “downloads” folder. Hope that helps.

  2. actanthony says:

    Nice, I like it!

  3. sepiasiren says:

    very kewl–digging the subtle Latin beat…

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