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Mantra — a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation

When you listen to “Mantra,” you can imagine it playing as you step onto a cloud, or into a dream, or return home from a long time away. It has the unique quality of sounding refreshing without trying too hard.

The sitar and irregular hand drum rhythms are what drive Mantra, but it’s the occasional chanting of a man and the deep soothing tones that elevate it to something etherial.

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Duration: 3:04
Quality: Full uncompressed CD quality, 16 bit/48.000 kHz (1,411.2 kbit/s)
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  1. T.S. says:

    So nice, melodious .

  2. kp says:

    Thanks .

    It is very useful stuff for a beginner .

    Regards ……

  3. Moragn says:

    When the voices come in: PERFECTION.
    Is this electronic? It sure doesn’t sound like it. It sounds real. Very real.

  4. StephanePrevost says:

    Wow really nice. this will make a very nice support to my total Indai future loops archive! very nice We need more stuff like this.

  5. Wampy says:

    nice music, should sound great on my video. Thanks for the free stuff.

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