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The above video showcases a small sample of the free production music you can download from Free Stock Music at absolutely no cost — you’ll never be charged a dime, ever.

Instead, we want to give you the highest quality production music for signing up.

Whether you’re looking to spice up a home movie or polish a professional video, production music has the unique ability to add a masterful touch to your project.

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At Free Stock Music, we’ve organized our free production music into eight genres in a variety of musical stylings. Choose a category below to browse all songs within it.

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Once you’re logged in to your account (check your e-mail for a password if you just signed up), you have complete access to download anything and everything on the site.

There are absolutely no limits. If you wanted to, you could grab every single song all in one sitting and they’d still be free.

When you browse around Free Stock Music, you’re able to read a short description and preview songs from the homepage, category pages, or when searching.

When you find a song you want to download, click either…

  1. The title of the post (i.e. Free Cinematic Production Music “Dawn Raid”)
  2. The category button/icon image
  3. Or the “Track Details and Download Links” button located under the preview

Clicking on any of these areas will bring you to the individual song page.

Once there you’re given more details about the music track and offered three formats to download in: WAV, AIFF, or MP3.

Or, if you prefer, watch this video demonstration of the download process:

If you’re not sure which format is best for you, no worries! We’ve written a guide to help you find the perfect audio format for your project.

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