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5 Reasons to Use Royalty Free Production Music

5 Reasons to Use Royalty Free Production MusicCreative Commons License photo credit: photosteve101

Production music has the unique ability to add a masterful touch to your project. It can enhance school projects, company presentations, commercials, and feature length films. If you find the right song, it amplifies the tone of the video and focuses the theme of your work.

But the right music track doesn’t just fall into your lap — you have to go looking for it.

And what you find when you first start searching for music for videos is an unusually complex set of licensing fees, pricing structures, and performance limits. You also stumble into the issue of royalties, payments made to an artist based on the use of their work.

Often the legal jargon and the steep prices don’t make this music worthwhile, but there is an alternative: royalty-free production music. And here are the top 5 reasons why this is the type of music you want for your movie.

1. You only pay once

Straight out of the gate, royalty-free production music has no licensing fees (at least the kind from Free Stock Music or Footage Firm). Without any licensing fees, the only money you fork over for a song is when you pay for it the first time.

After that, you don’t incur any additional costs. This simple payment system is the beauty of royalty free production music.

With non-royalty-free music libraries, you’re a lot more limited. Most of the time, you’re able to use the song for personal use, but once you start using it within projects designed to make money, you have to start paying the composer or the artist or even the company you originally bought it from regardless of the fact you already forked over cash.

And then there are tons of grey areas on whether you have to pay royalties in certain situations. For instance, if you use their music in a YouTube video, but run advertisements through that platform? That could be deemed commercial use of the song even if it is a video of your daughter walking for the first time.

In short, with royalty-free production music, you pay once and never again — ever.

2. You can use it forever

Since you only pay once and there are no licensing fees attached to royalty-free production music, the timeline for which you can use it is infinite. If you bought or downloaded a song today, you could still use it 10 years from now or even 20 years from now.

Some music libraries detest this kind of use because it limits how much money they can make. Instead they want you to license a song for a certain period of time and want to charge a lot of money for that.

With royalty-free production music, you can purchase or download a song knowing full well that you don’t have to meet any deadline on using it. This is especially useful if you have a large personal library of songs. Keeping track of what is licensed still and what has expired can be detrimental to your workflow and efficiency.

3. You get to use it in a variety of projects

The problem with royalty fees is they are usually tied to the type of projects they are used in. The rules often end up so complex that if you were to draw a flow chart explaining it, it would end up looking like a game of chutes and ladders.

And let’s not even bring up the question of whether you want to wade through all those legal documents anyway.

Meanwhile, royalty-free production music is headache free because you can use it whenever and however you like. You could get a song, use it for a home movie with your family, then bring it to work the next day and use it in a client’s training video.

Or you could take a song you originally downloaded for a school project and later on use it for that short Western you’ve been shooting on the weekends.

Or maybe you use a piece of music for a web video for your company and also as a background track for a corporate conference.

We’re not joking when we say the possibilities are endless — if you can find a way to use the song, you’re free to do so.

4. You don’t have to worry about copyright issues

An issue most people run into when they first starting finding music for media projects is copyright. It’s crushing to find out the Michael Jackson song that you edited your video with isn’t available to license (at least not for a reasonable price!).

That’s why most will turn to production music. And why many more should turn to royalty-free production music.

When you pay for the song, you are also paying for the right to use it in videos, movies, or other media types. It’s not like downloading a song from iTunes where you are paying for the right really to own it and listen to it.

Production music extends that purchase to allowing you “performance rights” for the song so you can use it however you please (see above).

5. Your clients (or your audience) will be impressed

Nothing is more encouraging than the moment when you dim the lights, throw up your project, and watch jaws drop.

There’s a reason people seek out production music every single day: it provides a high-level of production value to any type of video project.

If you manage to get your hands on a song that matches the image, you will be one step closer to rendering your audience speechless. Even mediocre videos hindered by subject matter or elements out of your control can be amplified by simply juicing it with a musical melody.

And best of all, because your music will be royalty-free, you can avoid all of the headaches usually associated with licensing, payment, and legal troubles. Instead, when you know a song is perfect, you know you’ll be able to deliver your project with it and not have to change at the last minute.

At Free Stock Music, we think if the song is a perfect fit, you shouldn’t be held back.

That’s why we distribute royalty free production music and that’s why you should download it too.

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