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Free Stock Music Comment Policy

Free Stock Music Comment Policy

So you’re thinking of leaving a comment?

Awesome, we love hearing from our users!

We’re sure you have something great to say and share with the community here at Free Stock Music. We just want to take the time to give you a few helpful guidelines before you type out that epic comment.

The Kinds of Comments We Love

Some of our favorite types of comments include:

  • Honest and sincere reviews of the free production music tracks
  • Sharing what you plan to use the music for or how you want to use it
  • Asking for help with software from other users or administrators
  • Intelligent criticisms and thoughtful debates
  • And many, many more…

In short, we just want you to be a decent human being. You have a voice to lend to the conversation, but please lend it thoughtfully and politely.

If you have a support request, please consider contacting us as we are able to help you much easier via email.

The 100% Guaranteed Way to Lose Your Membership

We don’t like having to kick out users — or even warn them — but unfortunately some people take things a bit too far. Here at Free Stock Music we want to promote a community that is positive, helpful, and informative. To do that, we have to monitor comments and take action when appropriate.

Here are a few ways absolutely guaranteed to get you kicked off Free Stock Music through comments:

  • Personal attacks, threats and insults against the author or other users/commenters
  • Defamation of any sort — especially directed towards others
  • Remarks that embody racism, prejudices, or obscenity
  • Spam links, unrelated links, or links placed out of context
  • Irrelevant rants or comments in which commenter obviously didn’t read the post
  • Typing in all capital letters for your entire comment is discouraged (it’s considered rude)

Most of the time, except in extreme circumstances, we will warn users. After a few warnings (frequency determined by moderators), you will be blacklisted and removed from the site.

Booting you off the site is the last thing we want to do, so don’t put us in that position!

Phew — glad we got that out of the way. Now you can get back to sharing your thoughts and downloading free production music. See you around!

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